Computer and Design Programs

EIT offers Business & Information Management, Web Design & Social Media Marketing and Network Database Professional programs.

Web Design and Social Media Marketing

The internet has become such a big part of our day to day lives, and it takes a specialized skillset to build great looking, user-friendly websites that effectively communicate information to visitors. In addition, social media platforms are used daily by billions of people worldwide and have become a vital part of every businesses marketing plan. Because of the rapidly changing social landscape, skilled social media marketers have become in-demand and a highly valued asset to any company.

Business and Information Management

Today’s business office is highly automated, thanks to computer networks and advanced software. Business professionals need higher-level abilities to set up and manage networks and databases. It is also increasingly important for professionals to have the knowledge to perform computerized accounting and have excellent communication skills. Combined with word processing, spreadsheet, and database skills, the graduates of the Business and Information Management program will be prepared for a position in a modern business organization.