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Length: 12 months

Train To Be an HVAC/R Technician in Erie, Pennsylvania

HVAC Technicians are vital in modern day homes and buildings. Heating and air conditioning systems control the temperature, humidity, and overall air quality in homes, businesses, and other buildings. They are typically responsible for not only the installation of HVAC systems but also their repair and maintenance.

The average day of a HVAC Tech consists of traveling to worksites, following design specifications to install and repair HVAC systems, connect systems to fuel and water supply lines and air ducts, and install electrical wiring and test for proper operation.

Develop your skills in an (HVAC/R) Technology career training program at EIT. Our four-term program provides hands-on training and instruction that helps you stand out from other candidates. Upon completion, you’ll know how to install, maintain, and repair the electronic and mechanical components that keep HVAC/R systems running.

You will gain skills in installing HVAC units, including electronic and mechanical components; ductwork installation, including flexible tubing and sheet metal; installation and repair of fuel and water supply lines; installation and recycling of refrigerants; installation and repair of electrical connections to HVAC/R components; and the installation and repair of HVAC/R system automation components.

Are you interested in starting a career as an HVAC/R technician? Contact us to learn more about the program, or enroll today.

What Is HVAC?

The term HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, but you may also say HVAC/R, with the R standing for refrigeration. HVAC is also another way to talk about the heating and cooling systems that help provide a comfortable environment in our homes and businesses. Only qualified HVAC/R technicians can work on these systems, making it an in-demand career with plenty of opportunities. Will you choose this path? Read on to explore more about the HVAC/R Technology Program.

What You’ll Learn

  • Refrigeration Theory/Lab
  • Electricity And Electronics for HVAC/R
  • HVAC/R Customer Service
  • Strategies for Success
  • Practical Computer Skills
  • Commercial Refrigeration Theory / Lab
  • Hydronic Heating
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Mathematics for HVAC/R
  • Job Seeking Development
  • HVAC Theory / Lab
  • Estimating
  • HVAC/R Control Systems
  • Green Technologies in HVAC/R
  • Digital Electronics for HVAC/R
  • Troubleshooting HVAC/R Systems and Equipment
  • Externship

How Long is the HVAC/R Program?

Get the training and skills you need to start a career as an HVAC/R technician in as little as one year. Don’t wait for tomorrow—start your journey to success today.

Where You Can Work

As an HVAC/R technician, you’ll have a versatile skill set. You can choose to join a private company or even work for yourself. In either case, you’ll likely work in residential homes, schools, hospitals, and just about any facility that uses heating, ventilation, AC, and refrigeration systems.

Who Hires Our Graduates?

EIT HVAC/R Technology Program graduates have recently been employed by the following employers:

  • National Fuel, Erie, PA
  • Modern Industries, Erie, PA
  • Keep Heating and Cooling, Erie, PA
  • Chuck Ollinger Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, Erie, PA
  • 21st Street Market, Erie, PA
  • Warren Sheet Metal, Warren, PA
  • West End Hardware, Erie, PA
  • TJ’s Plumbing & Heating, Erie, PA
  • Szewczyk Plumbing, Heating and AC, Erie, PA
  • Mercyhurst University, Erie, PA
  • Country Fair, Inc., Erie, PA
  • Gugino Plumbing and Heating, Fredonia, NY
  • JTM Foods, Erie, PA
  • Deets Mechanical, Inc., Seneca, PA
  • Iten Industries, Ashtabula, OH

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Anthony Agnello

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