Electronics Training Programs in Erie, PA



Length: 12-18 months

Electronics Training Programs in Erie, PA

Electronics are all around us. From computers to smartphones and medical equipment, much of daily life relies on modern technology. But these technologies don’t fix, install, or troubleshoot themselves—qualified technicians do. It’s part of what makes an electronics technician such an in-demand career.

Have you thought about making a career change? Are you looking for a place to start? See what EIT’s electronics training program has to offer.

Our Electronics Training Programs

Medical Equipment Technician

Medical professionals use several electronic devices to diagnose and provide treatment for their patients. Your task as a medical equipment technician is to ensure medical equipment is fully functional. In Medical Equipment Technician program, you’ll learn how to install, calibrate, troubleshoot, and repair medical equipment. You’ll work with diagnostic, therapeutic, surgical apparatuses and instruments and other health monitoring devices.

Enroll and you could complete this program in as little as 18 months.

Electronics Technician

Do you love electronics, technology, and learning how devices work? Then this might be the program for you. Our Electronics Technician Program explores the core of basic theory and expands to other specialized training. You’ll learn about analog and digital devices as well as how to install, troubleshoot, repair, and maintain them. The skills you’ll gain through this program will give you the practical experience you need to pursue a fulfilling career.

Get started in the Electronics Technician Program and graduate in as little as one year.

Electronics Careers are in High demand

Companies large and small, private and government-affiliated all rely on electronics technicians to operate at full capacity. After completing either of our electronics training programs, you’ll be ready to accept positions ranging from installer and troubleshooter to quality control technicians, engineering assistant, support specialist and so much more.

Electronics Training Program Benefits

  • Hands-on Experience
  • Job Placement Assistance
  • Training You Can Use Immediately
  • Enter an In-demand Career
  • Skilled Instructors

Electronics Training School in Erie, PA

Ready to take your education further? Learn more about our electronics training programs. Regardless of which program you choose, you can expect the same amount of dedication to your development. Our instructors provide hands-on training and in-depth classroom instruction to fully prepare you for a successful career.

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Try a Trade

Try a Trade is a new initiative at EIT where the public can schedule a time to come to the school and under no obligation, complete a small introductory project in the program of their choice.

If you've ever considered beginning a career in any of the fields we offer, schedule a date to come in and Try a Trade!


Anthony Agnello

Anthony Agnello

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We look for a school such as EIT to train the skilled service technicians we need.

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