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Alumni Testimonials

“I would recommend EIT to anyone. You get great hands-on experience and they help you get a job.”

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Jordan Johnson

EIT Graduate

“I chose EIT because they have a 21 month program and I felt that I didn’t need to go to a 4-year college in order to get the job that I have.”

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James Manross

EIT Graduate

“It feels good being able to get a job before the program even ended. How much knowledge they pack into a short time is impressive, and once you have that knowledge you can go anywhere with it.”

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James Lewis

EIT Graduate

“EIT offers an externship program that allows you to get real-time work with a real company. The most rewarding part about attending EIT was ending up with a job that I wanted to work in.”

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Duke Johnson

EIT Graduate

Faculty Testimonials

“I try and bring as much equipment in here as possible, getting them the most experience before they go out into the workforce is everything.”

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Andy Katulich

Medical Equipment Technology Program Director

If that’s what your goal is — to learn a skill that will pay your bills and take you on vacation — this is it.

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Jackie Caden

Electrician Program Instructor

“What EIT offers that’s different from a traditional four-year program is that intensive, hands-on experience from the very beginning. They [students] can focus on their interests and come out of their program well-prepared to enter the workforce.”

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Kim Kennedy

Medical Program Instructor

“One of the reasons why I think students should come here is because it’s short-term, it’s high-demand. Computers aren’t going anywhere, they’re always evolving. We always keep up with the latest technologies.”

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Shawn Martin

Information Technology Instructor

Short-term programs. Lifelong careers.

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Placement Testimonials

We are a residential and light commercial heating and air conditioning company. Currently we have twenty-two employees that do service work, installation, estimating, sheet metal, and clerical work.

In the last 10 years, there has been a shortage of service technicians in the HVAC industry. The trouble we have at J. J. Agnello is finding those service technicians. That’s been a problem nationwide.

We look for someone who is mechanically inclined. We look for someone who has personal skills. The training has always been a problem. We look for a school such as EIT to train these individuals and send them to us.

When I’m looking to make a new hire, I’m looking for technical skills, I’m looking for mechanical skills, and I’m looking for personal skills to deal with my customers.

 We are always looking to hire. We are always looking for people with these skills.

Anthony Agnello

President, J.J. Agnello Heating and Air Conditioning

We have 150,000 square feet under roof of pure manufacturing, 100-plus CNCs, and we cater to the aerospace market. We machine precision aircraft components. Manufacturing in Northwestern Pennsylvania is alive and well. 

The need for skilled machinists is strong. We don’t have enough to support the industry. The industry is very strong – the aircraft industry will stay strong – but what we need is skilled machinists. 

Manufacturing in Northwestern Pennsylvania is as strong as its ever been. The need for skilled machinists is #1 for the survival of all of these facilities.

Dan Leicht

Operations Manager, Acutec Precision Machining, Inc.

We’ve hired EIT graduates to provide IT services to our customers and we are very pleased with their level of professionalism and knowledge that they have. They are highly skilled and I’m absolutely confident with them representing my business.

Some of the services we provide are wiring, computer networking, PC repair, diagnostics, telephone systems – the full gamut of technology.

When I’m hiring, I look for these qualities: first of all, skill level; secondly, a team player – someone with good character who will be a cheerleader for our business. And, I have found those qualities in EIT students.

Donna Haskins

Managing Partner, Palace Business Centres

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