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Length: 9 months

Manufacturing Programs

Trying to find your way into the manufacturing industry? A manufacturing training program is a great place to start. You’ll gain practical experience working with machinery and learn how to resolve common issues efficiently. This is an opportunity to invest in your education and yourself.

Benefits of the Manufacturing Training Program

  • Hands-on Experience
  • Job Placement Assistance
  • Training You Can Use Immediately
  • Start an In-demand Career
  • Skilled Instructors

Our Programs

CNC / Machinist Technician​ Training Program

CNC machines have changed the manufacturing industry. Skilled workers are needed to properly operate and maintain these highly automated machines. In the CNC Machinist Technician Training Program, you’ll train on equipment like manual mills, lathes, and grinders before advancing to CNC milling and CNC turning. You’ll also gain problem-solving skills to resolve issues in the field.

Ready to start your career? Enroll today and complete this program in as little as 9 months.

Industrial Maintenance & Mechatronics Program

Does fixing things give you a sense of accomplishment? Are you ready to put your mechanical skills to good use? This is the program for you. In the Industrial Maintenance & Mechatronics Program, you’ll learn how to perform maintenance analysis and diagnosis, troubleshoot electrical and electronic applications, and more. This program will help you understand OSHA Codes and train for your refrigeration certification as well.

Take your first step toward a new career. Enroll today and complete this program in as little as 9 months.

Manufacturing Careers Are In High Demand

The manufacturing industry is full of opportunities. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there will be over 38,000 new openings for machinists each year through 2032. Similarly, BLS projects there will be about 1,300 new openings for Electro-mechanical and Mechatronics Technologists and Technicians each year through 2032. If you want to land one of these highly coveted roles, you’ll need to impress employers with your skills and mechanical expertise. Gain what you need for success at EIT.

About the Manufacturing Industry

Those pursuing manufacturing jobs will enjoy a hands-on environment where there’s never a dull moment. Depending on which program you complete, you could work with CNC machines, producing anything from metal automotive parts to steel aerospace components and everything in between. If you choose the Industrial Maintenance and Mechatronics path, you could find yourself maintaining critical electromechanical or robotic equipment daily.

Manufacturing Training School in Erie, PA

Pursue the career you want at a manufacturing training program dedicated to your success. EIT programs are designed with students’ needs in mind. From the classroom to the shop, our instructors will guide you on the industry’s best practices, helping set you up for success in the field. Once you’ve completed the program, you’ll have access to job placement assistance to help you land that first role.

Need help paying for your education? Check out our financial aid options.

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Try a Trade

Try a Trade is a new initiative at EIT where the public can schedule a time to come to the school and under no obligation, complete a small introductory project in the program of their choice.

If you've ever considered beginning a career in any of the fields we offer, schedule a date to come in and Try a Trade!


Anthony Agnello

Anthony Agnello

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We look for a school such as EIT to train the skilled service technicians we need.

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