Electronics Engineering Technology

Associate of Specialized Technology Degree


Length: 24 months

Program Overview

This program will prepare students for entry assignments in the Electronic Engineering Field. The in-depth science and mathematics is sufficient to qualify graduates for entry-level Engineering Technician positions in field service, research and development, broadcast and other associated engineering functions.

The Electronics Engineering Technology Program will prepare the student for electronics certification exams offered by ISCET (International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians) and ETA (Electronics Technicians Association). Holders of the ISCET and ETA certifications possess knowledge in electronics industry standards, troubleshooting techniques, test equipment and installation procedures.


Course Outline

  • Electricity Principles
  • Strategies for Success
  • DC / AC Components and Circuits Lab
  • Algebra for Electronics
  • Active Components and Circuits
  • Active Components and Circuits Lab
  • Trigonometry for Electronics
  • Digital Principles
  • Digital Principles Lab
  • Computer Fundamentals
  • Advanced Algebra
  • PLC/Robotics I
  • PLC/Robotics II
  • Professional Development
  • Design Concepts
  • Design Concepts Lab
  • Networking
  • Business Communication
  • Microprocessors
  • Microprocessors Lab
  • Windows Professional
  • Computer Programming
  • Industrial Electronics
  • Industrial Electronics Lab
  • Electronic Drafting
  • Communication Circuits
  • Communication Circuits Lab
  • Externship

Video Overview

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Frank Gildersleeve

Frank Gildersleeve

Levco Communications

EIT students have an excellent foundation for the complex systems that we are involved with in our business.

Richard Wettekin

Richard Wettekin

Electronic Engineering Technology Graduate
Wettekin Electronics

The associate degree I received from EIT in the Electronics Engineering program gave me the foundation for a life long career in the electronic field.

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