Electrician Program in Erie, PA



Length: 15 months

Program Overview

Upon completion of the Electrician Program, students will understand the practices and applications found in residential, commercial and industrial electricity. Students will be qualified for entry level employment in the electrical field in positions which include electrician, electricians’ helper, electrical technician, electrical maintenance technician and utility technician.

Students will:

  • Become familiar with power systems in homes, businesses, and factories
  • Maintain electrical systems and install them in new construction
  • Become familiar with tools of the electrical trade
  • Learn national electrical code requirements



Course Outline

  • Strategies for Success
  • Residential Circuit Design
  • Residential Construction
  • Ohm’s Law & Basic Electric Circuits
  • Introduction to Electricity
  • Residential Services and Special Services
  • Blueprints and Symbols
  • Commercial Circuits & Distribution
  • Commercial Construction
  • AC Essentials of Electricity and Electronics
  • Technical Mathematics
  • AC/DC Motors and Generators
  • Single Phase / Three Phase Transformers
  • Three Phase Motors
  • Low Voltage Motor Control Circuits
  • Industrial Controls
  • Job Seeking Development
  • Computer Essentials
  • Programmable Logic Controllers I
  • Programmable Logic Controllers II
  • Cost Estimating and Technical Writing

Electrician Job Placement Sites

Below is a list of employers who recently hired graduates of the Electrician Program

  • North Ohio Electric, Erie, PA
  • Simonian Electric, Inc., Erie, PA
  • Kane Innovations, Erie, PA
  • Woods Electric, Inc., Edinboro, PA
  • Erie Coke Corporation, Erie, PA
  • Corry Manufacturing Company, Corry, PA
  • Welch Foods, Westfield, NY
  • Bluestem Brands, Irvine, PA
  • Dunkirk Specialty Steel, Dunkirk, NY
  • Advanced Cast Products, Meadville, PA
  • Reevak Electric, Albion, PA
  • Specialty Metals Corporation, Dunkirk, NY
  • Reigel Electrical Services, Erie, PA
  • Cott Beverages, Inc., Dunkirk, NY
  • Arrow Electric, Greenville, PA
  • FSC Systems, LLC, Jamestown, NY
  • Moran Foods Inc., Austinburg, OH

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